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Korean Invisible Liquid Screen Protector

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Liquid Screen Protector vs Tempered Glass for Mobile Phones

Liquid Screen Protector (compared with Tempered Glass)


Very smooth, Full-screen protection
The liquid screen protector is extremely smooth. Installation is simple, protection is full and whole. Tempered Glass protectors only protect as far as the protector covers the screen.

Highly transparent
Being of liquid nature means that there is a high level of transparency. There will be little to no difference from viewing your phone screen without the liquid protector, no matter the angle.

Great responsiveness to touch
Because there is practically no material between your fingers and the screen, responsiveness is as good as it gets. There will not be any disturbance when using your phone.

Extremely lightweight
It's not just incredibly slim but also lightweight. You will not feel any difference in appearance, however the protection is there!

Bubble Free, Easy to Clean
Without a physical screen protector, there is no worry that air bubbles will form on the screen.



Less impact and scratch (but not by much!)
Tempered glass, is after all, toughened glass specially made for protection. If you are looking for a screen protector that protects your phone from HAMMERS, POWER DRILLS and BULLDOZERS please get a tempered glass screen protector instead.

Otherwise, this liquid screen protector is equally capable of protecting your phone from daily impacts, scratches and accidental bumps.

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