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Baby Foot Renewal Mask

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Say goodbye to rough, dry, and cracked feet! The baby foot mask uses a special formula of 17 types of natural extracts to induce natural exfoliation, leaving your feet highly moisturized in the process as well.

The exfoliation process removes unwanted dead skin cells that have built up over time, layer after layer. Want the skin on your feet to feel and look smooth like baby skin?



  • Clean feet with warm water
  • Remove mask from packaging
  • Apply foot mask
  • Ensure essence remains close to skin
  • Wait 20-40 minutes
  • Remove feet from foot mask
  • Clean feet with warm water
  • Apply usual feet lotion



Baby feet

The formula is designed to remove unwanted dead skin cells on your feet. These unsightly skin cells build up over time and can result in a number of foot problems on your soles.

The number one reason dead skin cells accumulate is due to pressure and friction applied to the feet, usually from daily activities like standing, exercising, and wearing shoes of incorrect size, or made from unsuitable material. In such cases, the skin on your feet will crack easily, resulting in pain from the accumulation of dead skin.


17 Natural extracts


Baby Foot contains 17 types of natural extracts which contain high moisturizing power and astringency, resulting in smooth skin after peeling. Not only does Baby Foot case dead skin cells to peel, the grain of the skin is maintained, and the skin is moisturized.

17 Natural Extracts: Orange, Apple, Sage, Clematis, Lemon, Tea Leaf, Field Horsetail, Cresson, Fucus, Saponaria Officinalis, Burdock, Filipendula, European Ivy, Chamomile flower, Grapefruit, Houttuynia Cordata, Lemon grass.



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